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Hit Point Hobbies Tournament Guidelines and FAQs

Painting Contest

Many tournaments have painting contest. Painting contest have the following basic rules.

  1. Each tournament contestant can only enter one model or unit of models.
  2. Any model(s) must be painted by te person submitting the entry..
  3. The model(s) must be played in the army list of the submitter.
  4. In order to qualify for the painting contest, the piece may have to meet certain requirements (such as force organization slot or unit type). If some armies do not have a like unit avaiable, allowences may be made by the tournament organizer.
  5. The judge(s) of the painting contest are chosen by the tournament organizer.
  6. Painting prizes are determined by the tournament organizer, but are generally equivelent to second place general.
  7. The painting contest is scored completely seperate from the games played, and does not influence the results of the tournament games (and vice versa).
  8. The painter must be present to win.

Additional Entries

In some tournaments, additional entries are allowed beyond those as described above. The can be made by individuals who wish to submit an additional model or models for entry, or for individuals not playing in the tournament. In these case, a entry fee will be required ($3.00 unless otherwise stated) per entry.

The entry fee will be added to the prize support of the painting prize. If additional entries causes the reward of the painting prize to match or exceed the prize for first place, then the painting reward will be split into a 1st and 2nd place.

All additional entries must meet the same qualifications as the tournament entries, except for rules 1 and 3 are not in effect.

The following rules and guidelines are given to establish a standard for play when playing in tournaments at Hit Point Hobbies. These standards are in effect unless otherwise stated in the tournament rules.

Player Expectation & Preperation

  • Each player should bring a well-formatted, easy to comprehend army list. It should be openly shared with the tournament organizer and other players.
  • Each player must bring all rule materials for his army, including codexes, White Dwarf Magazines, and / or Forge World Suppliments as needed by his or her force.
  • Each player should bring all dice, measuring devices and templates as needed in addition to his or her army.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the entry fee for tournaments is $10.00.

Rules & Models

  • Unless stated otherwise, Allies, Double Force Organization and Fortifications are allowed as described in the main rulebook.
  • At least one Mysterious Terrain piece should be identified as such when possible.
  • There is no painting requirement, but painted miniatures are appreciated.
  • What-You-See-is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) applies, meaning that all of the weapons and gear in the army roster must match what is on the miniature. Non-optional gear, such as grenades on a Space Marine, are not required but appreciated.
  • Proxy Models are not allowed. A proxy model is where you play one model as a different model. For example, you are not allowed to play an Ork Shoota as an Ork Loota.
  • Counts-as Models are allowed, but they must still meet the standards of WYSIWYG and they just be thoroughly explained to your oppoant each round. A counts-as model is generally where a unique character miniature is replaced with a non-unique. They must also meet the game requirements of the model being counted-as, such as base size.
  • Conversions are allowed. A conversion is where a model is change for artistic exspression. Conversions should not change the behaivor or exspectations of the way a unit performs. When in doubt, it is helpful to have an uncoverted model on hand as a reference.


  • When possible, players are grouped into "teams" based on a player's location. Players from the same team should not play each other regardless of scoring. We do this to help increase the variety of armies and players encountered. Teams are chosen by the Tournament Organizer.
  • If a large enough player base is present, arrangements will also take in effect what army codexes are played.
  • Round pairing is handled by software.
  • Table assignment is also given by software. When the number of prepared tables exceeds the number of players, some tables may be broken down during the day to make room and accomodations for other patrons of the store.

Scoring / Rankings

  • All scoring must be reviewed by the tournament organizer at the end of the game before any pieces are cleaned up or removed.
  • In the case one opponant loses all of his forces, the game continues to the end of turn 7 (no role is needed) to allow the winning opponant any chance to control any additional objectives.
  • Unless otherwised noted, the winner for a tournament will be based on the win / loss record of all of the matches.
  • When there is a tie for win / loss, the total of the difference between the player and the player's opponents are used. For example:

      Your VPs Opponent VPs Difference
    Round 1 8 6 2
    Round 2 6 9 -3
    Round 3 8 2 6
    Total Score : 5

Hit Point Hobbies FAQ's

The following rules are implemented based on questions that have come up during play.

Blessings & Malidictions / Stacking
If multiple blessings or malidictions of the same type are cast on a target, the effects stack unless an attributes goes below 1 or above 10.
Eldar Wraithseer
Replace the weapons upgrade on Eldar Wraithseer for the Wraith Cannon with the D-Cannon.
Unless otherwise stated, fortifications are allowed. When placing the Skyshield Landing Pad and the Fortress of Redemption, the player may opt to call a judge to remove a piece of terrain to replace with the fortification(s).
Drop Pods / Hull Points and Victory Points
When a Drop Pod lands, the immobilization does not do a hull point of damage unless it has to make a dangerous terrain test, in wich case it may loose two (one for failing the test, a second for already being immobilized)

Grav Guns
Grav Guns do not negate cover saves from vehicles.
When a grav gun hits and immobilized vehicle,a second hull point of damage is done.

Night Sythe Tesla Weapons
The Tesla Weapons on the bottom of the night sythe are hull mounted.

Shadow Spectres
The first line of the Spectre Holo-field should read:
"If a model with a Spectre Holo- field moves in its last Movement phase, it gains a 5+ cover save. If it also makes a Thrust move in the Assault phase, this cover save increases to 4+.
Skyshield Landing Pad
The following rules are in play for the Skyshield Landing Pad.
  • Units can move up to the deck of the Skyshield Landing pad using the rules for moving up and down levels if a ruins, measuring distance to the top of the panels if they are up, or to the deck if they are down.
  • Units can only move up and down from the platform on the edges of the landing pad, they cannot move "through the floor".
  • Units that cannot normally move up and down the levels of a ruin can only come down from the platform (if they were deployed there) using the jump rules, meaning the unit will have to take a difficult terrain test with no armor save. They can only come down if the panels are in the "down" position.


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