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Flames of War
Drive on The German Westwall 1944 Campaign

The German side won the campaign 6-4, with multiple, early, late-summer victories in the southern Benelux and France maintaining or gaining ground though the fall and winter months. The Allies did manage stop and/or to push back the Germans on a few of the six primary axes with CCA of the 2nd Armored and a victorious Canadian Infantry “Fire Brigade” being especially effective, The Allies were also effective in the far North were, with the 3rd Armored “Spearhead” breaking through south of Walcheren, Capturing Rotterdam actually pushing into Germany. Perhaps if the British had made a showing and not opted to remain un-engaged, the Allies would have fared better.

Advanced Allied spearheads in the North risk being cut off and will certainly need to be pulled back as they attempt to solidify a new continuous front-line. The Germans dealt just too many defeats to the Allies in the Center and South (the hard pressed Airborne and CCB of the 2nd Armored suffering mightily) - with notable breakthroughs from the SS Panzergrens at Chalons to Vesoul, and the 2nd Panzer splitting the US 7th Army and thrusting deep into Southern France. The overall Allied setback will virtually guarantee the war continuing into late 1945 or even 1946 unless a near- unthinkable Armistice is considered soon. What will the Soviets think?

At the end of the campaign, Feldmarshal Chuck Carey of OKW was heard to say (maybe a bit too optimistically) “On zu Paris! While SHAPE Commanding General Aaron Meany’s last press statement, prior to being re-assigned to an inconsequential desk job in General Marshall’s DC Office, was simply “Nuts...” (All in fun Aaron as you were "Shanghied" into the Allied General role and you did fight some great games - ours could easily have gone either way)

Of interest, the total German raw generalship score (64) only just beat the Allies’ (61) so apparently the more numerous German “Win’s” were by a closer margin, resulting in a lager campaign margin of victory. Chalk it up to good overall command by Herr Chuck…ahhh…except that part where the worn-out Tigers were ordered to make a last stand in the muddy polder near Rotterdam! I also think the better German “Intel” roles may have influenced the outcome.

As you know Honors where awarded considering first, a raw Generalship Score, and then, Best Allied and Best German – with an added “campaign point” being given to Axis players. Finally a “Best Sport / New Player” (Steve Prescott) award was presented by show of hands.

Setting Up Terrain
tables Getting Ready
gameplay setup
opening moves tanks in a field
US Tanks games in progress
US tanks Infantry in cover
Tigers! in the village
Air Power Armies
Smoking Wrecks Holding the building
us tanks Ready for battle
All participants tank scrap
Ready tigers ahead
GOOD TO GO tank battle
kaboom! battle
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