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Warhammer 40K
The Crippled Ork Great Gargant Scenario

This event was a 3000 point per side battle between Orks and Eldar.

The Ork WAAAGH! Bodgernutz was devastating and Eldar exodite world. the WAAAGH! was centered around the creation of a Great Gargant by the Ork mek Bodgernutz and was gaining continual momentum as word spread to other Orks of this walking, steam-belching effigy of the ork god Gork (or Mork). The Gargant had just spearheaded an offensive and decimated the defending eldar armies but suffered damage that was not apparent until the WAAAGH!was enroute to its next target. The Great Gargant had suffered damage to its drive mechanisms (ie. it lost a foot) and was disabled in a box canyon. The Eldar rangers would claim that they had secreted into the ork camp at night and untied its shoe, but this cannot be confirmed.

The Eldar farseers, seeing an opportunity to sieze the inititative, launched a mission to destroy the relatively undefended Gargant, knowing that if they could succeed in destroying or permanently disabling it they could blunt the advance of WAAAGH! Bodgernutz and it would fall apart without their god-war machine.

This event had 2 objectives. The Great Gargant foot and its re-fueling supply. If the Eldar could claim either of destroy the Great Gargant they would win. The ork players objective was to prevent this (and get on with some good killin). The Ork forces started the game deployed on the board and holding both objectives. The Great Gargant could only move 3" in its movement phase due to its 'drive damaged' result.

The Eldar player could move on from any board edge but vehicles could only move on from the open end of the box canyon.

It was a hard fought game with the game ending in a victory for the Eldar as they claimed the Gargants foot and stopped the WAAAGH!

Ork Deployment Lost Foot
Ork Deployment Ork Fuel Objective
Rear veiw of Ork Deployment Ork Mek Bodgernutz
Gargant foot objective Initial Eldar Incursion
Eldar Deployment Burned Eldar Rangers.
Sneaky Eldar Rangers The Fire Dragons rush in
Shining Spears Swooping Hawks dropping in for a visit.
Shining Spears vs. Meganobz
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