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Flames of War Tournament - Tough Old Gut

Hobby Clinic - Constructed

August 6, 2011 9:00

"We make this wide encircling movement in the Mediterranean, having for its primary object the recovery of the command of that vital sea, but also having for its object the exposure of the underbelly of the Axis, especially Italy, to heavy attack." -Sir Winston Churchill, 1942

That's one Tough Gut!
-General Mark W. Clark, 1943

On Saturday 6 August, 2011, the All American Gamers will host a historically themed, 1000 Point Late War tournament at Hit Point Hobbies in Southern Pines, NC. Entry Fee of $10.00 goes entirely towards prize support. http://www.hitpointhobbies.com/index.cfm

The theme is: Tough Old Gut, Italy January-June 1944. We are looking for 16-20 players. All are welcome but the first 20 to sign up will receive priority for slots. Lists should be in accordance with Axis and Allied forces fighting in Italy during the campaign period. Obviously, this coincides with the release of the new Cassino book and the revision of many Italy based PDFs. Any Western Front list from early 1944 would be acceptable, but proper Campaign Themed lists/histories will earn players an extra overall point. Please do avoid non-Italian campaign, a-historical units (i.e Normandy Royal Tigers etc.) Some useful Italian Campaign background links are througout the BF Website.

Importantly, there will be the potential for 50-300 points of list attrition or de-escalation as the tourney progresses (explained below) so take that into consideration when making your list. While this will be a competitive tourney, list-attrition and inter-round teamwork coupled with individual to Army-wide campaign decision-making will add to the interest and enjoyment. Battles will be fought on 4' x 4' tables with generally moderate to dense Italian themed terrain ranging from coastal plains and hillside vineyards/villages to rugged mountain foothills.

Tough Old Gut will be run similar to our very successful 2010 Drive on the West Wall tourney. For those that did not participate, an explanation of the Campaign flavor follows:

Players are divided equally between German and Allied (a few local players can adjust to ensure an even field) and a primary General is then appointed for each side. There is an overall Campaign map with 10 Campaign Axis of Advance. These Axes are divided between the Cassino, Winter Line and Anzio areas. Before each of the three tourney Campaign Rounds, the Primary Generals (in deep consultation with subordinates - or maybe not&) secretly determine which of their forces will fight on which Axis of Advance with the objective of advancing on all their Axes. At the end of the tourney, (besides normal FOW victory points) overall Axis/Allied Campaign Victory is determined and, pending victory conditions - either 0, 1 or 2 Overall points will be awarded to each player. This adds a real strategy and campaign flavor to the tourney. Scenarios are yet to be determined but will be from among the basic scenarios in Das Book.

In Tough Old Gut, each campaign axis will correspond with historical Italian towns/objectives from the Anzio-Winter Line-Cassino regions. Ultimate Allied objectives will be the roads to Rome, with German objectives being the Allied Communications Zone (COMZ). I am still working the finer points of the attrition/de-escalation rules, but basically, as you lose platoons destroyed, captured or run-off in the Campaign rounds, you will also lose a relative, nominal point value from your list (between 50-100 points per  to a max of 300 points). This will be made up for with historical, random, points-based reinforcements from a pool. Germans may receive Fortification Points, Off-Board support (i.e. 150mm or even 280mm Anzio Annie), Sporadic Air, a small Panzer Platoon, an Elefant, a "Goulash Kannone" with PAK - or even elements of a Divisional Stomach Kompanie! Allies might see a variety of Air, Off-Board Heavy Artillery (ie. 8 Inch or 240mm), Italian Partisans, Tanks, or maybe a reluctant-trained but very-melodic Division Band! These are just examples, but essentially if you go into later rounds with less than your original 1000 points (almost certain for most) you will be made somewhat whole through the trusty and reliable reinforcement pipeline of your completely competent and ever-victorious GHQ!

Prize support will be based on entry-fees with some store doantion. Prizes will go to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Overall, Best General, Best Themed,Painted and the War Baby. National qualifier consideration is being worked out.

All of this should make for a very interesting and fun Campaign-Tourney. More detailed rules will be posted in late July. Please let us know if you will make it and what force you will bring (names of actual themed units preferred). Look forward to seeing you fighting up the Tough Old Gut.



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